5 Pillars of Unstoppable Habits

The 5 Pillars of Unstoppable Habits

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Having personally installed over 100+ positive habits, developed two habit-tracking apps and coached others on how to install habits, I’ve learned a thing or two about the inner workings of habits.

What I’ve discovered is that you need 5 things that need to be working together in order for a habit to stick. 

The 5 pillars are …

  1. Identity
  2. Planning
  3. Tracking
  4. Feedback
  5. Support

Let’s take a brief look at each pillar: 

1) Aligned With Your Identity 

The first pillar is identity.

The strongest habits are identity-based habits.

Who you are today is a result of all of your existing habits. 

The problem is that for most of us, we’ve unconsciously installed hundreds, if not thousands, of mindless habits.

And each of these mindless habits are fighting against each other and sending us in different directions. 

If we truly want to improve for the better, we need to consciously decide on the hero we want to become.

And once we have that picture of our future selves firmly embedded in our minds, it becomes much easier to install the habits that will move us in that direction. 

2) Have A Strategy

The second pillar is planning.

Once we have a clear picture of who we want to become, we need to develop a strategy to transform our current selves into this new identity.

This is where strengths and challenges come into play. 

We don’t do habits for the sake of habits, we do habits to develop the strengths required to overcome life’s challenges.

Your current challenge might be to reduce stress, gain more energy or achieve a goal.

And your plan needs to identify how you are going to develop the strengths required to overcome the challenges that are between you and your goal.

3) Track Your Habits

The third pillar is tracking.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make when installing habits is that they forget about habit zero.

When you start your habits journey, most people pick a handful of habits.

Maybe it’s to start exercising, eat better, read more.

What they forget about is that there is another habit under all of your habits called Habit Zero.

Habit Zero is your “track your habits” habit.

If you don’t build a “track your habits” habit first, it becomes impossible to install any other habit.

4) Measure Your Progress

The fourth pillar is feedback.

We all know that habits take time to install.

For a habit to transition from a struggle into a ritual, you need to know that it’s working.

And if you don’t feel like you are making progress, you will fall off the wagon.

So we need to have regular positive feedback in order for us to stay the course.

5) External Support

The fifth and final pillar is support.

Trying to figure this all out on your own can take a lifetime.

To accelerate your progress, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people.

People who believe in you. That accepts you for who you are.

People that have been there and have done that. That will guide and encourage you to perform at your best.

There’s An App For That

The five pillars are the design philosophy behind the new Habits Coach App.

Once you dive into the app, you will begin to uncover how each of these pillars supports you on your habit journey.

1) Identity

On the You 2.0 Page, you craft the hero that you want to become, including roles, goals, strengths and challenges.

2) Planning

The Planning Page enables you to create plans to achieve specific goals.

3) Tracking

Both the Home and Habits Pages guide you in the creation of your “track your habits” habit.

4) Feedback

The Journal Page is designed to help you track and measure your progress over time.

5) Support

Watch the Home Page for guidance and tips on how to progress on your habits journey.