Version 2.0

Building You 2.0

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My role as a habits coach is to help support you on your personal transformation journey, starting from where you are today to the person you can become.

I call this transformation journey You 1.0 to You 2.0.

You 1.0 is where you are today. 

With all of your existing challenges, current problems and bad habits.

You 2.0 is your unlocked potential.

Where you have uncovered your passion, connected with your purpose and are pursuing your mission. 

Where you have identified clear areas of focus and have compelling goals for every role that you play.

Where you have developed the strengths required to overcome life’s challenges.

And where you have replaced your bad habits with positive behaviours.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, making the journey from You 1.0 to You 2.0 will be hard. 

It will require you to look outside yourself at the life you have created.

It will require you to look inside yourself and reflect on the person you want to become.

It will require you to make changes, be open and curious, and learn as you progress. 

It will be hard work. However, it will be worth it.

With anything difficult, it’s best to start small.

And the good news is that I have created a new app called Habits Coach to support you on your journey.

Once you download the app, there are three things that I suggest you do.

Step 1 - Identify a challenge.

Nobody wakes up in the morning saying, “Let’s change my habits”!

In my experience, people usually come to habits because they struggle with a challenge.

I got interested in habits because I was struggling with anxiety, asthma, back pain, eczema and a host of dietary issues. 

So this is where I want you to start.

Head over to the You 2.0 page (second icon on the bottom menu), scroll to the bottom, and add your first challenge.

I’ve pre-loaded the app with over a hundred different challenges.

Search through and pick one.

Keep the check-in defaults and press save.

Step 2 - Identify a strength.

This is where the work begins.

It’s now time to identify a strength.

A strength is a talent, skill or virtue you want to develop.

Ideally, you want to pick a strength that, if it were stronger, would enable you to overcome the challenge you identified from the previous step.

If you are unsure, a few of my favourites are anti-fragile, curiosity and calm.

Strengths can also be found on the You 2.0 page (second icon on the bottom menu), just above challenges.

Once again, I’ve pre-loaded the app with over a hundred different strengths.

Go ahead and pick one now.

Feel free to customize the icon and colour, keep the check-in defaults and press save.

Step 3 - Choose a habit.

OK, we’re almost done with your work for today.

We now want to choose a habit.

A habit is a small behaviour that, when repeated, will develop a strength. 

We don’t do habits for the sake of habits, we do habits to develop the strengths we need to overcome life’s challenges. 

Habits can be found on the Habits page (fourth icon on the bottom menu).

Search through the pre-loaded habits and select one that seems like the right fit.

If you are unsure, my favourites are meditation, exercise, gratitude, reading and stop-and-breathe.

Feel free to customize the icon and colour, keep the other defaults for now and press save.

A Few More Things.

When you head back over to the Home page (first icon on the bottom menu), you will see each of your selections.

As a general rule … tap any item to view … press and hold to complete.

Come back each day to complete check-ins and habits.

As you make progress, you will unlock other lessons and features within the app.

And more importantly, with each tiny action, know that you are building You 2.0.

Until next time.