FREE DOWNLOAD: The Work/Life Balance Handbook

This 24-Page PDF Includes The 7 Key Areas of Focus, The Wheel of Life Self-Assessment Tool and Over 100+ Mindful Habits


Life can be a struggle ...

8 out of 10 people fail at making the positive changes required to achieve their goals.

When we take these setbacks personally, we blame ourselves and end up feeling like a failure.

Which erodes our self-confidence and sabotages future attempts at positive change.

... but it doesn't need to be!

In case we haven't met yet ...

I love using the wheel of life self-assessment tool as a springboard to set big goals and establish new habits.

I've personally used it to triple my income, land a leadership role, and find the ideal relationship.

The version that I’m sharing with you today covers seven key areas of our lives: mind, body, emotions, relationships, work, money and fun.

And to help you even further, I’ve included recommendations of over 100+ mindful habits that you can use to achieve work/life balance.

Let’s get started!

Ron :)


The Work/Life Balance Handbook

In this 24-page PDF, I'm going to introduce you to 3 secrets of achieving work/life balance ...

  • A deep dive into the 7 Key Areas of Focus and why you should adopt them for your own.
  • A step-by-step guide on using The Wheel of Life, including a blank template for completing your self-assessment.
  • A visual overview (mindmap) of over 100+ Mindful Habits covering each of the seven key areas of the wheel of life.
  • And more!